I am the creator and curator of ‘Masters of Vision’, a major biennial landscape photography exhibition which returned to Southwell Minster Cathedral, Nottinghamshire this summer, showcasing the work of some of the world’s leading landscape photographers. Previous exhibitions in 2009, 2011 and 2013 showcased the work of master landscape photographers of our time, including Charlie Waite, David Noton, Joe Cornish and many others. Masters of Vision has attracted the attention of the national press with special features appearing in the Sunday Times Magazine and many specialist photography titles.

The name ‘Masters of Vision’ stems from the idea that one of the enduring lures of landscape photography is the seemingly impossible challenge of encapsulating and then transferring all the emotional constituents of a scene through to the final viewer of the exhibited print and eliciting an emotional response. The thing that’s central to this process is ‘vision’, the ability to pre-conceive, visualise and realise a creative goal. All of the exhibiting photographers have a mastery of this process, hence the moniker ‘Masters of Vision’.

With Masters of Vision I wanted to create something spectacular, something that would celebrate the breathtaking talent of the most respected landscape photographers of the 21st century. Masters of Vision showcases the work of invited exhibitors, all of whom have earned the greatest respect of their peers.

The underlying foundation that underpins any form of art is freedom; freedom to interpret, freedom to express and freedom to create. Each of the invited photographers is therefore given carte blanche to choose and hang images as they wish and design their own section of gallery space. The result is an eclectic mix of differing styles and presentations celebrating truly beautiful imagery, an epiphany for creativity and the state of the art in British landscape photography.