I have been writing my monthly column, called ‘One Month, One Picture’ for Outdoor Photography Magazine since May 2009 and I’ve just completed my 86th piece. My initial brief for the column was to accomplish two things: to inform and to inspire. Each month, using one of my photographs as the basis for discussion, I investigate the practical aspects of image making and a wide range of philosophical and psychological elements of landscape photography and the visual arts.

Photography is a perpetual journey of discovery; once we become hooked, every book, magazine article, website, conversation and photograph offers a new flavouring, a nuance to our overall understanding of this wonderful game. Writing for OP has been an immense privilege because it allows me to share such discoveries with others; a huge part of the joy of photography lies in sharing our experiences, either visually or otherwise.

All of my column pieces are written with timeless intent; my preference lies in discussing aesthetic principles rather than new technological advances or the latest gear, so the content will hopefully remain relevant for some time. With this in mind, and with kind permission from Outdoor Photography Magazine, I’ll be republishing a new column piece every month here on my website.

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