I have this hopelessly romantic notion that ‘spirit of place’ is a metaphysical reality; that as humans we can be in a place and somehow communicate with our surroundings, allow ourselves to feel the emotion that’s wrapped up in the ‘spiritual energy’ of any given location.



'Photographic Act of Random Kindness'

“Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.
Diana, Princess of Wales

A 'random act of kindness' describes the idea that we do something kind for a random unknown stranger without any expectation of anything in return; what a wonderful notion. As a creative photographer, nothing brings me more pleasure than to share my images, in the hope that they might create some enjoyment. I've therefore resolved to leave an occasional 'calling card' in the form of a fine-art print during my travels. I will 'PARK' one of my photographs, leave it in a public place, in a random fashion; as a small gift for opportunistic discovery by someone who will hopefully enjoy it, or otherwise pass it on to someone else.

If I am completely honest, each of these images is a photographic 'message in a bottle' and although there is never any obligation for the finder, I am not being completely altruistic; there's huge pleasure for me in knowing that my 'PARKed' print might bring a smile to someone. I would love to hear where these images find their resting place, so if you have found one and you have the time, please tweet to let me know.